The Bee Shed 

The Bee Shed Est. Jan 13th 2013 



The Bee Shed

 The bee shed is located within a 13 acre organic garden in Shipley.

 It provides a unique experience for people who wish to learn more about bees, beekeeping and its surrounding issues.  

 A typical visit would include a talk which covers such topics as the variety of bees (solitary bees / bumble bees / honey bees), The insect life cycle, colony make up, Swarms, Bee dances and how they find food, why bees are so important to ecosystems, honey, stings and why they can be dangerous, the varroa mite, pollination, The dangers to bees in the modern world and how we can help the bees.  

 This would be followed by a live hive inspection wearing full veil and suit. This we can assure you is something that nobody forgets, the visitors will be able to get really close to the bees even take photos if they like.

 Also for the children a session making solitary bee hives from cane is popular while inside others can be completing educational worksheets based on the displays and studying the insect magnifying cubes and microscope slides.

 For the adult visitor a more in depth talk and apiary visit.

  A complete hive (minus the bees) is available within the shed to observe all of the hive parts and honey comb.


  Our aim is to give visitors an informative, exciting and memorable day. We hope that by showing visitors the bees and explaining there importance it will give them a better understanding of the bees (and our) place within the environment.



The visit

 £5.50 per head for children's groups.

 £8 per head for adult groups.

 Minimum charge £50

 If it is a school visit or D of E group the teachers / leaders come free but are expected to  help supervise while the apiary visits are taking place (only 8 people are allowed in the apiary at any time).

  The maximum in any one group is 40 (literally the bee shed is only so big) 


  We are very flexible and will try to accommodate any requests regarding the visits so please just ask. 


  Please just email or give us a call and we will be able to answer any questions you may have that are not covered on this site.

The Bee Shed



DE75 7JH

Mobile: 07806 598337

[email protected]


Visit dates and times

Over the course of the following dates we will be running the sessions one in the morning (9.30am - 12am) and one in the afternoon (1pm - 3.30pm). The timing on each session is variable dependant on your needs and the numbers in the group. The times specified are likely to be maximum.

2017 season
Any Saturday / Sunday / Monday from 20th of March to 31st of October inclusive.
Other dates may become available dependant on request / demand.

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